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SELECT DISTINCT a.companyCampaignJobID, a.companyCampaignID, a.lastUpdateDate, a.jobTitle, a.jobDescription,
a.companyName,, a.state, a.countryID, a.postalCode, a.category,
c.companyName AS posterName 
FROM company_campaign_job_live AS a, company_campaign AS b, company AS c
WHERE a.companyCampaignID = b.companyCampaignID
AND b.companyID = c.companyID
AND a.expirationDate >= '2014-04-19'
AND a.contactTypeID = 1
 AND a.companyName LIKE 'Highmark%' 

GROUP BY a.jobDescription
ORDER BY c.companyTypeID ASC, a.CPC DESC
LIMIT 0,20

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